There are many ways to stay during your holidays or even during the weekend. We hope that this little overview of the different places and tourist accommodation establishments that we usually choose will help you to determine better during your next vacation, according to your needs, your desires, and your budget! Are you ready? We tell you everything!

Hotel Establishments

The hotel is the ideal accommodation that you can choose during your holidays, holidays, weekends or city-trip. Its number of stars represents the comfort of a hotel. The more stars there are on the brand, the better the quality of its services and rooms, but it will also be more expensive. Hotels are often full during high tourist seasons. It is therefore advisable to make a reservation before your departure in these cases. To do this, go through the site of the hotel of your choice or by specialized websites. With hotels, you will have a wide range of formulas, whether for the selection of room type or services. Indeed, the hotels have various kinds of rooms: single, double or family or even particularly luxurious suites. You will also have the possibility to take your meals within the establishment, to have access to its swimming pool,

Renting Houses or Apartments

Renting houses or apartments is also an excellent alternative for your holidays or even just for a weekend away. One of the advantages of this type of accommodation is the privacy it provides. In the case of a detached house, you will have not only the house, but also its courtyard to enjoy your stay, and in a private setting. Renting an apartment or house for your vacation will also give you more space compared to a hotel room. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to have not one, but several places during your stay, in addition to a large living room or terrace for example. In the case of a detached house, you can even have a swimming pool and a large garden, which is particularly interesting for a family holiday. You will also have facilities such as a kitchen to prepare your meals. It should be noted that linen is not provided for this type of accommodation, unlike a hotel where the property provides sheets and towels. You will have to pay extra to dispose of it or bring it yourself. You will also need to make the premises clean before you leave. You will need to clean before returning the keys at the end of your stay. Of course, household packages can be offered by the owners, so you do not have to clean and tidy the house on your departure.